New Blog Post From Xzibit: In remembrance…….. SEPT 11TH

I been out for a second geting everything ready for the next roll out, sorry about the long pause people. Im sitting in my kitchen listening to the new Kanye and the new 50 cent albums. After I listen down to both I will let you know what I think. Today is september 11th, alot of people were hurt and killed today and for that, my heart goes out to the familys that lost loved ones that day. Say what you want about politics but while the body counts grow around the planet we some how lose sight of the fact that these are human beings connected to these numbers and now the impact of death doesnt effect us like it once did. I went back to listen to N.W.A straight outta compton yesterday, remember when that album came out and it was “shocking” to hear people make music like that? After years of people trying to re make duplicate that formula, we have heard it all right? So what happens when the world is no longer “shocked” by violent lyrics or better yet violence PERIOD. So what!!!! you gonna shot this, kill that, slap him, punch her, but can you really spit? or better yet write a song?. This brings me to my point. The way the music business is in the shitter right now more than ever we need to take control and make sure we leave hip hop in tact for those MC’s that are on their way. Hip hop is not just soundscan and video play, people look for originallity and content, hip hop changed my life because of MC’s like Chuck D, ICE CUBE, RAKIM, PARIS, KRS-ONE…….You may not even be into hip hop like that, but for those that are, you know what im talking about.

Im on my way to New Orleans on Oct 8TH to film a movie, of course im taking you guys with me! Stay tuned yall….X2thaZ baack in this bitch………


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