Play the Pimp My Ride "Ride Pimper" Game Online!

Hey Xzibit Fan!

When was the last time you played the Pimp My Ride ‘Ride Pimper’ game? If you dont have a clue what I’m talking about – It’s a game where you can pimp out rides like X and the crew do on Pimp My Ride! now has the Pimp My Ride Ride Pimper game on the Pimp My Ride page at! Click on the image below to the play the game!

If you haven’t played the game before, or it’s been a while and you want to give it another go, click on the link above to play the game!

If you really like the game and you want to tell everyone about it, there are a few images and links that you can put on your website or myspace page – just scroll to the very bottom of the Pimp My Ride page and there will be 4 boxes with code in them – all you need to do is copy that code and paste it on your website or myspace and all your friends can come and play the game too!

So go to and scroll towards the bottom and the Ride Pimper Game will be there ready to play!

Enjoy and feel free to use the codes at the bottom of the page to put a link from your website/myspace page! If you use the code please email me so i can see where you’ve put it 🙂

Thanks guys and girls!
Justin – –


  1. Hey xhibit I jst wanna b first in south africa to have a car pimped by you . I really need your help and i’am alwayz watching your tv show on mtv please maan I need it so badly

  2. hi how are you doing this afternoon I am from Sacramento California and I need bad help with my car dude if you can please please please dude exhibit man I will be glad to have your help I’m getting tired of looking embarrassed and dude and going back to college and I don’t want anybody to see me like this please can you help me out so I can’t help myself dude exhibit my DS I like to ride

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