Interview with Xzibit regarding his upcoming Australian tour

Time To Get Busy, Y’all: Getting up and ready to leave his mark …

He has pimped our rides on MTV, XXX’d us on the big screens and now the megastar that is Xzibit is getting ready to bring his famous brand of Hip Hop to Geelong as one of the international headlining acts for the Grazzhopper Festival.

Xzibit is easily one of the biggest names of this century, and although he is equally as famous for his TV and film exploits, it’s his popular rap music including tracks like ‘Multiply’ and ‘X’ that catapulted him into total stardom. His impressive catalogue, along with his renowned live shows that have taken him all over the world, are now set to draw masses of hip hop fans and music lovers in general to Beckley Park on October 4.

In preparation for the festival I had the unique chance to talk to Xzibit about his impressions of Australia, what audiences can expect at the festival and what the future holds for this remarkable performer.

With various promotional and concert tours Xzibit has been to Australia a number of times before but for those people who are curious as to how Xzibit got involved with Grazzhopper according to the man himself it was as simple as: “They called me, they booked it.”

In regards to previous trips to Australia Xzibit was somewhat reluctant to discuss incidents like: “Almost drowning and then having my run in on the Rove show…” he was, however, happy to alter the subject to kangaroo pizza. “We can talk about the kangaroo pizza though. I had some kangaroo pizza one of the first times I went out there, right before I went on the boat. It was weird it tasted kind of rubbery like deer meat. Its one of those things you just have to try like alligator, I was just in New Orleans so I had alligator – that was like chicken,” he said.

Similar to the kangaroo pizza this visit to Australia will provide Xzibit with another first. “It will be my first time in Geelong. Except I was calling it Gheelong. The rest of my touring staff will be like Gheelong,” he said extremely amused.

For fans Xzibit’s performance at Grazzhopper will be the ultimate experience but as Xzibit explains it’s not just a show for rap fans. “Its hip hop but we’ve been able to tour with Lincoln Park and on the Anger Management tours, we’ve been able to fit along live bands for a long time so at ‘The Gheelong’ it’s not going to be a stretch for us. I think what makes us similar is the energy that we put out on stage I mean it’s a total different genre of music but what we do up there is similar to the way rock feels. I know that’s been my forte for live performances for the longest. So it should be a slam-dunk for us.”

Xzibit also has some reasonable expectations of the audience. “I like when the crowd is energetic. I like it when they are ready to see a show. I like when the crowd is receptive. You know sometimes you’ve got to win a crowd over and sometimes you can bowl them over! I don’t go out there asking for no hand out but I like a crowd that likes to get busy. You know what I’m saying? I like to get up and I like to really get some energy going.”

Despite all the fame and fortune and his approachable public persona Xzibit is wary of being caught up in the hype that surrounds him. “I don’t really consider what I do as a job as really defining who I am as a person. My character of who I am as a man has been developed well before Xzibit ever existed. So I think what my struggle for the longest time was actually thinking that people accepted me because of my job. But that’s not it. I can be very comfortable being me but what I do as a musician is just that. It’s a fine line you’ve got to walk. You know some people believe their own images and that ain’t it. I’m a well traveled, seasoned veteran in this, so me knowing who I am was half the battle.”

Xzibit is also cautious of becoming complacent and taking advantage of his position. “I don’t trip off stuff like that, I like to be challenged. I still feel like I haven’t recorded my best record, that I still haven’t made my mark. I’ve done a lot but I still feel like what I know or what I’ve been through – you guys don’t get it yet. You know what I’m saying, like I really need to explain myself with just a little bit more detail. We’ve had a lot fun and we are going to continue to do that but I need to lay it out a little bit differently for y’all. But that’s just me. I think that’s the next level of pushing yourself not just accepting what everybody else accepts – that’s what separates the average from the great.”

Although he is internationally known for his talents as a performer when asked which of his careers satisfies him the most his answer was simple. “I’m a father first. There’s got to be family. Without family you have no foundation. After that I’m a musician because that’s the best way I can communicate with people. I know that well, I can do that in my sleep. And then after that it’s basically film and TV and entrepreneurial opportunities. I’m a Virgo so my organization of my life is off the charts, when it needs to be (laughs). For me that’s another expression of who I am and what I need to do. If the right opportunity presents itself than you never know what I’m capable of until I try it,” he said.

“Eventually there is nothing sexy about a fifty year old rapper- I just ain’t seen it yet!! So eventually that hat is going to have to come off. But it doesn’t mean I’m just going to have to be done with that part of my life. One thing comes off and another thing comes on, you know? But who knows, right? My heart’s got to put me in the right direction.”

Before Xzibit potentially becomes that first un-sexy fifty year old rapper be sure to check him out in all his buff, toned and very sexy glory this October at the Grazzhopper festival.

Xzibit (US) plays an exclusive show at the Grazzhopper Festival at Beckley Park, Geelong on Saturday October 4.

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