So today its Saturday the 4th of Oct. about 2:41pm in the afternoon, but at home its still friday. weird right! When I leave here I will go back in time and land in LA on a monday even though I leave on tuesday. Fuckin confusing if you dont know shit about international time diffrences. I am alright out here, I had a 15 hour travel day yesterday, and when I got off the plane one of the homies “WILDCHILD” from “LOOTPACK” was at the airport about to go do his own gigs out here. crazy. I was beat when I got here so I chilled and tried to relax. I got up early to go for a run and ran into a “mexican” food place and HAD to come back when it opened. Now this is a big deal because I LOVE mexican food, IM biased to “NEW MEXICAN/ SOUTHWEST” style food becuase I used to live there, but southern cali has its share of great places to eat as well. To be in australia where there are NO mexicans, I had to see what it was all about. Well folks I would like to tell you they got the right direction with the menu BUT it took a weird turn and they had like, BBQ chicken / RIBS and Cajun potato wedges, the nachos had chilli on em. (like the shit you eat in the winter time) the taquitos were cool, cant fuck that up too bad anyhow. Never the less, I ate and had to come tell you guys. Basicly im fuckin bored. I go on stage tonight at 8:30pm and play for an hour. so tommorow I will tell you how the performance and the after party goes. If you live out here in australia come to the show in Sydney tommorow night, @ the Forum. And bring some BACKWOODS!(sweet aromatic cigars) were out. LOL


Yes folks just saw it on cnn. the juice has offically been squeezed. Well, hope he knows which gang he’s gonna join when he gets on the inside. Very sad conclusion to a troubled man. Learn from this one folks.


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