SO I took a day off to relax and get ready for the next week, this friday we see X-FILES:I WANT TO BELIEVE hit the screen. I truly am excited. But let me tell you about my trip. It was a 10 hour flight to frankfurt then a 1 hour flight to Berlin. Now the movie industry is diffrent from the music industry in a major way. Just by travel alone, hands down the movie industry has no problem booking first class travel for THE ENTIRE CAMP, usually I fly fist class and they make my team spread out thru coach. which is wack. So we got to the hotel and it was a restored bank from the 1800’s. some of the walls were still reinforced with vault doors, it was very cool. On top of that it was fashion week right across the street and the hotel ws full of models. I know what youre thinking, but NO. Im not talking about models we see in KING or the hottie pages in your favorite rap mag, Im talking about the “DAMN BITCH YOU NEED TO EAT SOMETHING BEFORE YOU FALL OVER DEAD” looking models. It was not that kind of party. If you like girls that are built like 10 year old boys then you would have been in heaven. After we got setteled I went to the gym and crashed. We worked all day the next day and tried to adjust to the time diffrence (we were 9 hours ahead of the US)
But then turn right back around the next day to go back home. I got back to LA around 6 just in time to get home and gather up the family to go see THE DARK KNIGHT! The movie was LONG, I guess it was the jet lag, but I was still into it. Of course Heath did his thing as the joker, Bale was a little stiff as Batman, kind of one note all the way thru. But over all I was impressed. One of the most graphic and realistic settings of all the films to date. Its LOUD as hell as well. explosions went OFF like they were right in front of you. Im sure its better in IMAX. But go check it out, its worth it. I wish I could tell you about my movie but the simple truth of the matter is………I HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE MY DAMN SELF! real talk. I see it on the 23rd @ the premire….So I guess come back on the 24th I will let you know what I think before you guys go see it. LOL
Well there it is, stay focused people.


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