New Xzibit Blog: Today is my birthday…….

And I am 34 big ones!!!! To some….im a young man, to others I may be a old man depends on which side of the fence you are on at the moment. There’s no party planned, so dont ask. I did one in vegas last year at the palms in las vegas, it was dope. I might do one next year for 35, to me…thats a milestone.As I get thru the day im getting emails and text messages from “friends” saying happy birthday and it feels good that they actually remembered it. I got a suprise yesterday, my girl and my son gave me a star wars millieneum falcon and a birthday cake. I might not seem excited about my birthday and you are right. Not for any bad reason in particular, I wasnt raised celebrating my birthday. I had my first birthday party at 18 or 19 I cant really remember. My parents were Jehovah’s Witnesses, so we never celebrated bithdays or holidays, accepted or exchanged gifts or said the pledge of allegence. Only until I was an adult and on my own, did I start “having” birthdays and birthday partys. You know im always reading between the lines so here is what I observed. The celebration of YOUR birthday, 9 times out of 10 ends up being a reason for YOU to get everbody else drunk…… Im a horrible person to throw a suprise party for as well, Simply because I ask to many questions and I know when people are lying, and I really pay attention to body language. Most of my friends cant hold in a fart….. let alone a secret. SO I wasnt looking to party this year. No, this year I went ocean fishing out of Long Beach for my birthday. I went alone to clear my thoughts. There were 9 old guys on the boat, we went out about 6am and came back the dock about 4pm. There was a guy with no teeth on the boat, his name was “SMILEY”… of course, and he and the rest of the guys on the boat went on and on about how much they despised each other and wanted to throw each other over the side, it was hilarious!!! Then they shared sandwiches and fig newtons they each had brought from home that morning. They were from all diffrent walks of life but on the boat, they were 1 and the same. These guys had no idea who or what I was getting up early with the “die hards” and they could care less, I was one of the guys when I bought the 1st round of Bud lights, but when I caught a 10 lb link cod I became the enemy! LOL It was .. that! I came home and had dinner with my family with the fish I had caught ( and I caught the biggest fish on the boat and WON the jackpot 50bucks….LOL ) and my son was excited because he is doing so well in school, his history teacher asked him to host the 1st 15 mins of class for him. I had a great time yesterday, it was diffrent from all my other birthdays if you had to line em all up and look at them side by side. But to me it was best. I got to see the ocean relax and clear my thoughts. I have alot of work to do right now, I am feeling like its time to get this music up out of me and get it to you guys asap. No time for BS ,that way…. when I get to where I need to be……..Then I have a REASON to celebrate.

Yours Truly

Alvin “XZIBIT” Joiner

“Virgo’s my not rule the world, but you gotta come to us to organize the troops!!!!!”

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