New Xzibit Music: First Single From Napalm – Xzibit ft E40 – Up Out The Way

The first single 'Xzibit ft E40 – Up out the way' has just been released and we've got it for you right here!

Here is the audio for the new single:

This is the artwork for the new single:

Keep it locked to for more Napalm news in the lead up to the album release on October 9.

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  1. i hope someone stops xzibit from making UP OUT THE WAY a single, everyone saying it sucks, he been gone 6 years to drop some garbage that sounds like the rest of dumbed down music, the hook is corny saying Im a rich nigga, u a bitch nigga sounds corny, the beat i would get my money back from another generic rik rock beat, he could have got some tight beats from E-SWIFT instead of this generic beat, and all i hear is moslty the song sucks , people want some raw shit from X not some corny trying to make a radio song , now i do like Napalm and Louis XII those songs are tight ,, i hope he dont make a video for out of the way i cant even imagine people wanting to request or hear that song more than once, he sounded hype for the single then im like for this i just shook my head, but the song that made a big impact quick was Louis XIII that song really goes hard even Naplam that sounds different, someone need to ask X what he thinking at this point in his career trying to drop Up Out the way as a single it will be his worst single next to the corny Mean Muggin single, Xzibit needs to push the envelope with his singles like he did with Papparazzi and What u see is what u get, not try to dumb down a single like this,, if u look all over youtube or all my homies are like thats one of the worst Xzibit songs espeically as a single, and when i heard E-40 was going to be on it i was like already suspect cause E-40 will make any kind of song that he thinks is a trend for right now, i want some HIP HOP out of X, i can get corny hook songs from other mainstream corny rappers, i will buy the album but i will make sure i delete Up Out The Way before it goes on my I-POD

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