Xzibit Blasts USAir After Flight Attendant Calls Police On Him

Xzibit goes public about a USAirways flight attendant this morning who dialed police after the rapper refused to remain seated with his seat-beat securely fastened.

Xzibit has endorsed Sprite and endorsed his longtime MTV show Pimp My Ride, but one brand the Los Angeles, California-based emcee/actor is not a fan of is USAirways. Today (March 22) the Likwit Crew member took to Twitter to tell his side of a story where a flight attendant threatened to have him arrested:

Ha_ flight attendant on US air tried to get me arrested. I told her to fuck herself. Cops showed up and took a pics with me. She was pissed.

I hate when people with no power threaten you with "calling the police" That strikes no fear in my heart. Alternative,dont be a raging bitch

Man. I can't wait to get home. And do me a favor, dont EVER book me on US AIR again. They treat people like dogs and prisoners. #lame.

According to Mr. X-to-the-Z, he tried using the bathroom during what was believed to have been a time the flight crew asked passengers to remain seated. When X ignored warnings, the female flight attendant allegedly called police. When the plane landed at L.A.X. Airport, Xzibit says that police were there—but only seeking autographs from the former Loud Records artist and longtime Dr. Dre affiliate. No arrests were made.


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