Xzibit Speaks on Father’s Day About Becoming a Father at Age 19

Xzibit Fathers Day

@xzibit: Father's Day, for me is everyday. I became a father at the age of 19. Now, at that age along with a definite lack of maturity you can only do 2 things when it comes to being a father. 1.rise to the occasion and sacrifice for the safety and stability of your child. Or 2. Fail miserably. I have had a wonderful time being a father. My son Tremayne just graduated from high school and today, my lil one just turned 3. Im a lil older, a lil wiser, and always told my oldest we "grew up" together. I also say kids are like pancakes, you always fuck the first one up. Lol. That being said Happy Father's Day to those of us that are really involved in the everyday lives of those who love us the most, our children. Run TO your responsibilities, NOT away from them. There is nothing more powerful than seeing your children go out into the world with your lessons and guidance, and succeed.


  1. I have to2 kids and I am willing to sacrafice the only thing i have left.which is my chevy car collection I THOUGHT maybe after the kids i would re do them Lol …. but now i neeed to sell them just to survive so I thought. Maybe you might be able to help or be intrested in pimping them and then we can auctioned them and split the money or I keep half and we donate half to the charity of your choice like paying it forward type of thing deal You just might want them for your son. Its you erea….1977 sting ray corvette with t tops and luggage rack and the other one is a 1986 el comino.

  2. I ama single mom really going threw it but just reading those words is the soul reason I keep on keeping on…so that’s why I thought of you writing you
    I just received my 90day notice to vacate my place of residence I live in saugus

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