Demrick ft. Logic and King Chip – Skyscraper

Los Angeles-based spitter Demrick has been solidifying himself as one of the West Coast’s most promising up-and-coming emcees. Last year the rapid-fire rhyme-kicker released the Serial Killers Vol. 1 album as one-third of a new super group that includes B-Real and Xzibit. Fresh off of a Canadian tour with Madchild, Demrick is fully focused on his upcoming solo Battle Axe Records debut, Losing Focus. Today Demrick delivers a new visual for the latest single off the project, “Skyscraper.”

With “Skyscraper,” Demrick shares the view from center stage and traces his journey from being an ambitious emcee sitting in the nosebleeds. Using his energized flow, Demrick plays lyrical ping-pong, serving up the then and nows of his old life to the more cushy settings he’s enjoying at present. Joining Demrick on the bouncy Cali Cleve production with a chop-n-screwed hook are Logic and King Chip. For his contribution, Logic pushes the verbal speed limit while bigging up his die-hard fan base and pointing out that his success was earned after a long road. Operating at a more moderate speed, King Chip tacks on a verse of his own and reps for his hometown of Cleveland with some boastful bars.
Demrick’s Losing Focus LP drops on February 24 – pre-order your copy now at iTunes.



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