Happy Birthday Xzibit!

xzibit-on-deck-dr-dre-yachtAll of us here at XzibitCentral.com would like to wish Xzibit a happy birthday for today September 18th!

If you would like to send your birthday wishes to Xzibit, leave a comment on this post or hit him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/xzibit

Justin – XzibitCentral.com


  1. xzibit

    please my brother I’m in south African, can you help a black man lost my job April last year 2016. I work contract-from private. I like to assit me with this business deal. I don’t need cash-I need a truck and trailer contract I have since 2014 I still trying. my promise to you I will also help another, you can monitor how things goes threw that business threw statement. I’m at south africa. Ayanda email: acngcob@gmail.com

  2. I would like to take your song called alcoholic and remix It 2 drum and bass in Jungle that’s okay with you give me a call hit me up 720-692-5801 and this is DJ clover

  3. Are you still fixing cars,I need help with my car is in bad shape and two months ago broke down and now I’m going to ask if you can help me just make it run,I really appreciate your response,thanks.

  4. Hi uno from South Africa engine done body needs work stuck every day please PIMP my ride Immanuel Fourie 0848245558 I watch pimp my ride every day I don’t Miss

    • Hi I’m a D.J in in I am in desperate need of my ride pimp I am a neighborhood BJ with a small little following and when I pull up in the club and a 2001 Ford Taurus 2001 man when I pull up in the club people see me and be like I know he can do something for that cough I watch your show all the time even the reruns please help me I will send pictures and video I’m here in New Orleans Louisiana can’t even put my bling on cuz my car Man please help me

  5. Happy bday stay sweet lol call me 870-317-2883

  6. … And Happy New Year

  7. Hello
    I have a 69 chevy camero and it is in Africa Ghana
    I want to ask how much it will cost to pimp that car
    Pls someone reply with a phone number to contact

  8. Wish more many good years. Real rappers 4 ever! West Side!

  9. You are forever a beast. What the fuck happened to real rap music? Your music is timeless and gives the true wisdom. Hope you have a great year!

  10. Happy birthday! Thanks for making music xzibit, it really helped me

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