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Watch the Trailer for upcoming Xzibit album Napalm – footage shot in Iraq war zone, visiting US soldiers & flying in an Apache helicopter!

Xzibit – Trailer (Part 1 of 4) for new album "Napalm" Due In Stores Oct. 9

Part 1 of 4 of the trailer for the new album has just been released showing images and video of Xzibit in Iraq, visiting US soldiers, flying in an Apache helicopter, filming the "Napalm" video clip and footage of Xzibit standing in the ruins of Saddam Hussein's destroyed mansions. Get your copy of "Napalm" on October 9.

Xzibit's upcoming album "Napalm" is set to be the biggest album in 2012! Stay tuned for the next 3 Parts to the Napalm Trailer right here at! 

Xzibit features at GamesCom 2012 in Germany with gaming accessory maker MonsterCable

It's the final day of the GamesCom 2012 in Germany and EA catches rapper, actor and television star Xzibit and talks about video gaming accessories and his favorite video games.

Interviews at GamesCom 2012 by EA 

We also have some new pictures of Xzibit at the GamesCom 2012 in Germany. Credits for the pictures goes to Monster EU.

Xzibit on his way to a 1:0 beating against Sarazar / SarazarLP

Some practice before his match

Xzibit joined the Imperial forces (Star Wars)

Xzibit on stage

Xzibit is having a chat with pro gamer Kerrag

Mr. X to tha Z XZIBIT

Xzibit Contest: Xzibit is giving away 15+ limited edition Napalm shirts to his biggest fans!

Do you think you are Xzibit's biggest fan? Prove it! Xzibit is sending out 15+ limited edition Napalm shirts to his biggest fans! All you need to do is tweet @xzibit a picture of your Xzibit CD's, Merchandise, Past show tickets and anything else to show how big an Xzibit fan you are! Go to Xzibit's twitter page at and tweet him your picture to win!

Xzibit has already given away a couple of shirts and two contributors have won their Napalm shirts:

Xzibit Giving Away Rock The Bells Shirts

Xzibit sending out the first 5 shirts


Xzibit fan & contributor Harry Parslow Tweeted his picture to Xzibit and won!


Xzibit fan & contributor Billooh Tweeted his picture to Xzibit and won!

Go to Xzibit's twitter page at and tweet him your picture to win!

Xzibit to perform at Rock The Bells Festival – San Bernardino, CA – August 19

Xzibit will make an appearance at Rock The Bells Festival on August 19 at San Bernardino, CA. After the recent announcement and album cover from Xzibit's next album: Napalm ( we have no doubt that Xzibit will be dropping one or two of his highly anticipated unreleased tracks from the new album. 

Xzibit's set time and festival information can be found at:

Not only will Xzibit be performing some of his new tunes, he has just put out the call on Twitter for his fans to tell him what songs from ANY album in the catelog that the true fans want to hear at the show – tell X what you want to hear on his Twitter: