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Xzibit Loses His License for Speeding 1 Day Into the 2007 Gumball Rally

XzibitDuring the first day of the rally Xzibit lost his license in the Netherlands for doing 160 km/h where only 100 km/h allowed. After the painful penalty his co-driver took over the wheel and they were allowed to continue.

It seems the X man couldnt wait for the German Autobarhn’s to see what speeds he could do in his Lamborghini Gallardo.

We’re not sure if this means Xzibit cannot drive in other countries – We will follow Team Xzibit on his way through Europe to see if he gets behind the wheel in Germany.

Lets hope the X man gets to enjoy a few more hours of driving in the rally!


Xzibit joins Gumball 2007, Drives for Adidas Celebrity Team

Today Xzibit confirmed he will be joining this years Gumball 3000 rally to kick off his Back II Basics world tour. Xzibit is an American hip hop performer, actor and television personality. Currently he’s the face of the MTV show Pimp my ride.

Xzibit will be racing for the Adidas Celebrity Team and will join Jay Kay of Jamiroquai is driving for Adidas this year.

We wonder what kind of pimped out ride Xzibit brings to the start of the Gumball 2007!

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Xzibit Goes Back II Basics on the "Full Circle" World Tour

Xzibit will take time out from MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” to work the stage during a month long world-wide tour.

The west coast rap icon launches the Back II Basics World Tour on May 5 in Brussels, and wraps things up June 26 in Adelaide. The itinerary is included below.

Xzibit will be rocking the mic to promote his 6th solo album, Full Circle, released in October 2006.

To kick off the Back II Basics tour Xzibit will take part in the Gumball 3000 Rally – a 5000km (3000mile) car rally that winds its way throughout Europe.

In a recent interview Xzibit show how keen he is to get the tour started.
“I can’t wait to get back out there to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the UK, Germany; you know what I’m saying, [then] come back to the States and kill it!”

“Full Circle is the strongest record that I’ve put out for a long time man – as far as I’m concerned. Just where the material came from, how strong the material sounds; you know what I’m saying – and the way it came together.”

The rapper has found a broader audience since landing his role on MTV’s “Pimp My Ride,” which films custom auto makeovers awarded to random winners. He recently recorded an episode of Pimp My Ride with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on an Earth Day special to promote the importance of global warming.

Justin Russo from Xzibit’s Official Fan site states “It’s been 3 years since the last worldwide tour so the fans will certainly be excited to see Xzibit back performing live on stage again! X brings so much energy to the stage in his live shows; any hip hop fan would be crazy to miss this!”

Date – City – Venue
5/28/07 Brussels – Ancienne Belgique
5/29/07 Paris – Elysee Montmartre
5/30/07 Koln – Live Music Hall
5/31/07 Zurich – Volkshaus
6/1/07 DAY OFF
6/2/07 Copenhagen – Vega
6/3/07 Hamburg – Grosse Freiheit
6/4/07 Amsterdam – Paradiso
6/5/07 DAY OFF
6/6/07 Oslo – Rockerfeller
6/7/07 Stockholm – Berns
6/8/07 Malmo – KB
6/9/07 DAY OFF
6/10/07 Berlin – Columbia Club
6/11/07 Munich – Muffathalle
6/12/07 Luxembourg – Den Atelier
6/13/07 DAY OFF
6/14/07 London – Astoria
6/15/07 Glasgow – Barrowlands
6/16/07 Dublin – Ambassador
6/17/07 DAY OFF
6/18/07 DAY OFF
6/19/07 DAY OFF
6/20/07 New Zealand promo day
6/21/07 Auckland – St James
6/22/07 Sydney – Luna Park
6/23/07 Brisbane – The Arena (All Ages)
6/24/07 DAY OFF
6/25/07 DAY OFF
6/26/07 Perth – Capital
6/27/07 DAY OFF
6/28/07 DAY OFF
6/29/07 Melbourne – Metro
6/30/07 Adelaide – Thebarton Theatre

Japan tour dates are yet to be announced.

Dates are subject to change, for more updates and links to ticket vendors visit

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Orders ‘Pimp My Ride’ Engine For His Hummer

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was so impressed by the biodiesel makeover he took part in on an upcoming environmentally-themed Pimp My Ride show, he insisted mechanics install the same engine under the bonnet of his Hummer.

The star and rapper/host Xzibit joined forces to makeover a 1965 Chevy Impala and give the classic vehicle an environmental, biodiesel edge as part of an Earth Day Pimp My Ride.

And Schwarzenegger was stunned when Galpin Auto Sports mechanics fitted the classic car with an 800 horsepower biofuel engine, equipped with recycled plastic bottles. He has now asked Galpin boss Beau Boeckman to fit the same engine in his own car.

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