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Xzibit And ‘Pimp My Ride’ Coming To Playstation, Xbox 360

Xzibit will hit Playstation’s and Xbox 360’s this holiday season as the main character in Activision’s newest game Pimp My Ride.

The game is based on the hit television show of the same name, which features the rapper/actor transforming old, beat-up cars into lavish, exotic, luxury vehicles.

Users navigate through the fictional Pimp City, with a timed goal of besting a rival shop that is working on similar, tricked out ride.

Other features include open racing through the streets of Pimp City and a mini-game called “Ghost Whip The Ride,” that allows gamers character to dance next to their moving pimped out ride.

Pimp My Ride the game is slated to hit stores in time for the holiday season. hits 6 million page views in under 4 years!

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Xzibit No Longer A Member Of Rap Group Strong Arm Steady

The four-man collective known as Strong Arm Steady is now a trio.

Rapper Xzibit has officially left the group, which is now comprised of fellow emcees Krondon, Phil Da Agony and Mitchy Slick.

“I’m not in Strong Arm Steady anymore,” Xzibit told “They actually signed the deal without me and went over to Blacksmith. It’s Krondon, Phil Da Agony and Mitchy Slick. It was a decision that they made and they felt it was in their best interests to go that route.”

The group, which also includes extended family members Will Blast, Chace Infinite & DJ Khalil (Self Scientific), Planet Asia and DJ Truly OdD, is expected to put out its debut album Arms and Hammers under Talib Kweli’s Blacksmith Music Corporation in 2007.

Known as a staple on the West Coast rap scene, Strong Arm Steady earned fans through the release of mixtapes like D-Bo Vol.1 & 2, True Crime: Streets Of L.A., LA Ballin’ 2004, Hulk Steady, Green Up and others.

The rapper didn’t reveal his reasons for departing the group and representatives for the group did not respond to requests for comment.

Xzibit, who serves as host of MTV’s successful series Pimp My Ride, is continuing his recording career, having recently released a new album titled Full Circle.

The album, which hit stores last week, features guest appearances from Kurupt, DJ Quik, Too Short, The Game and others.

Xzibit also also continues to build an impressive résumé with a series of high-profile acting roles.

While he has been featured in movies like Full Clip, 8 Mile, XXX: State of the Union, Derailed and Hoodwinked, the rapper said his latest effort, Gridiron Gang, was his most challenging part to date.

The movie, which also stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, costars Xzibit as a probation officer and assistant-football coach of a Los Angeles juvenile detention center football team.

“Gridiron Gang was my first costarring role that I felt comfortable enough to go with something that was totally opposite [of] Hip-Hop,” Xzibit said. “I play a probation officer and a football coach, and I do neither. “

The rapper’s choice to take on a more difficult role proved to be the right decision, as the movie raked in an over $15 million in ticket sales and topped the box-office upon hitting movie theaters in mid-September.

While he enjoys starring in action-oriented movies, Xzibit said he wants to prove that he can have a long lasting career as a serious actor.

“Every n***a wants to blow some s**t up,” Xzibit said of his love for action movies. “In XXX: State of the Union, I got to blow a hole in the side of the f***in’ Capitol Building with a tank—come on, man! In Derailed with Jennifer Anniston and Clive Owen, I get to smack around America’s sweetheart with a god**ned Desert Eagle and I got a check! I’ve got a lot of respect for the craft and I read a lot, so I know what to look for. I just wanted to take baby steps so I didn’t jump into something that I wasn’t ready for.”

4 out of 5 star review of Full Circle from All Music Guide!

Bitter about Sony and the label’s handling of his career, Xzibit split from the major and went indie, taking his Open Bar imprint and himself to Koch. In 2006, there are plenty of other major-label rappers in exile at Koch, but few of them have exploited the freedom of indie life as well as Xzibit. With a wide range of topics being covered and former Bomb Squad member Keith Shocklee’s name in the credits, Full Circle is an uncompromised album in the classic hip-hop style, with Xzibit eager to get back to business on his own terms.

There’s a reference to his job as the host of Pimp My Ride, but there’s no ridiculous capitalizing on it and the guest list doesn’t pander to who’s on top. Hot superstar the Game is on here, but like most of the other choices, he’s hard West Coast and fits in perfectly with folks like Daz, Kurupt, and DJ Quik. Surrounded by like-minded artists, Xzibit sounds more comfortable than he has in a long time.

Comfortable enough to deliver “Thank You,” an ambitious, sincere, and moving thank-you to his fans that lays out the emotions and doubts in an honest and vulnerable way few other rappers would attempt, fearing they’d get those “gone soft” accusations. Xzibit is fearlessly mature elsewhere, with “Black & Brown” calling for unity between the young people of those colors, because the way he sees it, if a kid’s out on the streets rioting, he “ain’t learnin’ sh*t about math and science.” “Family Values” finds the rapper outgrowing hoes (“Do you have anything to offer me besides some ass”), but if you want that visceral, N.W.A type of anger, “Ram Part Division” is hard to the core, with the rapper taking on the cops and their ultimate power (“And if you try to come back with a civil suit/I sit back and watch my system take a sh*t on you”).

The worthy single “Concentrate” represents the less heavy side of the album, and a couple misogynist and downright sleazy moments show Xzibit hasn’t clamped down entirely or forgotten how to have irresponsible fun. The wise-ass moments are dispensed perfectly among the wise ones, the hooks and engaging productions are plentiful, and his words paint a vivid picture, be it of booty or revolution.

It’s strange that the title Full Circle implies the man has returned to square one, because this is grown man’s business and just what veteran, enlightened thugs should sound like.

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Pimp My Ride Host Xzibit Steers His Career in the Music Direction

Gangsta rapper Xzibit became a pop culture icon as host of MTV’s car show, `Pimp My Ride,’ where he, uh, exhibited a warm and lovable personality. But he’s always been a hard-core rapper at heart.

His sixth album, `Full Circle,’ which came out this week, marks 10 years in the rap game for Xzibit. This time, he’s his own boss, going independent on Koch Records, leaving his relationship with Sony. Besides music and television, the 32-year-old also has expanded his repertoire into movies, with his latest part alongside Dwayne `the Rock’ Johnson in `Gridiron Gang.’

Xzibit (Alvin Joiner) performs Saturday at Slim’s in San Francisco; Bay Area rapper San Quinn is the opener. We spoke to Xzibit by phone, as he was traveling on tour, `stopping at all these fine American truck stops,’ he says.

Q You’re seen as hard on the outside, but a softy inside — what are you really like?

A There’s nothing soft about me . . . but I’m compassionate to my fellow man. I understand because I come from humble beginnings. . . . I’m a regular dude; I’m comfortable with my skin. . . . What I say through my music does not necessarily control every aspect of my life. I think I balance it out by realizing that music is music, that it is what it is. I don’t have to keep up no images for anybody. That’s how I am on “Pimp My Ride.” That’s how I am with my family at the house, joking with them, playing with them. It’s a nice environment. It’s a healthy environment. . . . I got so many dimensions to my personality that you don’t get to see it just through music or just through movies.

Q Do you see yourself as a role model?

A I see myself as a father, and I conduct myself from that standpoint, but if someone sees something positive in me in what I’m doing as a father, then of course, I’d love to be seen as a role model. I handle my son first, and from there it plays out to everything I do.

Q How old is your son, and what is his name?

A Eleven, Tremayne.

Q Would you want him to be a rapper as well?

A I won’t say no. He can do anything he wants. . . . Before he does anything, he has to exhaust all his resources in education first. He has to show me some diplomas first, high school and college, before he goes into entertainment anyway because I’ve done that, I’ve been down that road. If that’s what he really wants to do, he’ll show me, because he’ll get his education first, because then he’ll have something to fall back on first, because I didn’t have a Plan B. You know, music is never promised; stardom is never promised.

Q How have you evolved as an artist?

A I’m a lot more mature; you know, my priorities are straight. I realize that this is business, and I run it like that.

Q What is the message in your music?

A Perseverance, being an underdog, saying what I feel, feeling what I say, meaning what I say.

Q How do you choose your movie roles, like “Gridiron Gang”?

A They have to be strong. They have to have some kind of added attraction to me. With “XXX 2,” it was great — everybody wants to blow (expletive) up, everybody wants to be in an action movie. I got to shoot a hole in the side of the Capitol building, for God’s sake, I mean, come on. And then with Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen in “Derailed,” I got to smack her up with a Desert Eagle (gun), that was incredible. And this is my first co-star role with the Rock. It was great — I got to be part of a great message. The Rock was very personable. He embraced me in the filmmaking process, and we reflected these guys — these heroes — correctly.

Q What’s your ideal role?

A I don’t know. I got to look at the icons that went before. I’m in a unique position. I really want to do strong roles. I either have to create a franchise for myself . . . or I got to look at what Ice Cube did through Cube Vision and his film company. I got to look at Will Smith and what he did and how he took control of his career, about creating certain roles, and then only accepting certain roles. You got to be picky.