Pimp My Ride Casting Call! Sign Up To Get Your Ride Pimped!

MTV are currently casting the upcoming season for Pimp My Ride. If you want to be a part of the new series, go to our Pimp My Ride page to find out what it takes to get on Pimp My Ride!

If you want to get on Pimp My Ride, the only way it is going to happen is if you read the guidelines on the Pimp My Ride page and contact MTV directly.

Good Luck to all those who fit the criteria!

Source: XzibitCentral.com Exclusive!


  1. Hi my name is Martin can you help pinp my truck f150 I don’t have money to do my self

  2. can you help me pimp my food truck i do not have the money to complete it can you please held me get it start it im trying to start my on company Thank You

  3. I have lupus. And just got a Toyota avalon to get me back and forth but , it has all kinds of light problems that i did not expect i have. No one to help me because it was as is which i did not no, PLEASE HELP ME. IN PHILADELPHIA. DENISE I HAVE NO ONE TO HELP ME.

  4. 1966 wildcat

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