Pimp My Ride Casting Call! Sign Up To Get Your Ride Pimped!

MTV are currently casting the upcoming season for Pimp My Ride. If you want to be a part of the new series, go to our Pimp My Ride page to find out what it takes to get on Pimp My Ride!

If you want to get on Pimp My Ride, the only way it is going to happen is if you read the guidelines on the Pimp My Ride page and contact MTV directly.

Good Luck to all those who fit the criteria!

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  1. Pint my ride I’m from Pennsylvania

  2. My father is a 49 year old man, still holding on to our old family van. He pays insurance and registration for a homeless man to sleep in it. My father is such a loving and caring person. I don’t think there is one person in my neighborhood that my father didn’t help, my dad either have them a job shelter or maybe just straight out money. We had a family store in our neighborhood but it went out of business because it was more like a soup kitchen. He also lost a brown stone home he owned because he had people he cared about living there with rent next to nothing and they still didn’t pay. He is faceing foreclosure now with the homes we live in. My father has two jobs now. Imagine going from being a self employed business owner to having too jobs. He is so humble and still regrets nothing. I know he doesn’t sell the van because it’s one of the last things he owns and worked hard for it but it’s not drivable. He always talks about fixing it but it’s always something being a father of six kids five meantally unstable plus his wife she to is meantally Ill. But he wakes up everyday moves the van from side to side then goes to work. Also he suffers with diabetes but you will never know when he’s sick. If there is a man more deserving of his ride getting pumped it’s my father.

  3. My husband has a 1976 t-top corvette. When he got it, it was in terrible shape and down to primer. He has been working on it for at least 10 years. Sits in garage most the time but has had problems with brakes and hot floorboard. Needs lots of TCL. My husband has stage 4 lung cancer that manifested to the brain. Treatment is going ok but who knows what the future holds. His biggest wish has always been to get car done, now he feels it will never get done. This would make him so happy and he has never asked anyone for help so I am. Please consider him for any new projects. Thanks for your time.

  4. Ezzell Odom here out of Las Vegas Nevada, also know as Grand Marshall.

    Reachin out today cuz my brother from another mother is ridin in a 1989 Lincoln Signature Series, in need of MAJOR PIMPIN!

    In the event that you guyz reach back out to me, Ill be more than honored to provide pictures!

  5. Hi there i have a Nissan 1400 Bakkie i just love it to bits can you please pimp my ride. My husband struggles to keep it going he works alot then the bakkie just gotta stand an wait until he returns home.
    my email address is gilbertmeagan71@gmail.com

  6. Hi my name is Sonny I like to get my father’s car pimped out in memory of him ever since you have passed away it seems like the car that he had left me in his will stop working to it starts up but does not work and it really bums me out and we’ve been putting money in the car trying to get it fixed and still nothing will your show help fix my car up it doesn’t have to be luxurious but nice and running already has rims on it good paint job but what do I have to do to get this going I’m at a loss I would like to get this car in memory of my father done to honor him cuz just sitting in the driveway collecting dust and I don’t know what to do the mechanics and then nothing for me except take my money and has low compression and I really don’t have that much money money is hard right now with me and my family thank you

  7. Hello My name is Mark Williams. I’m from the Dirty South. Mississippi Gulf coast. I’m a hard worker father of four daughters trying to make ends meet. I use to live a life of crime and now that I’m in my 30’s and have seen a lot, I’ve changed course for the better. I work a full time job for the Half Shell Oyster House in Biloxi I just bought a 1995 BMW 525i but I have no money to do the things I want to do to it due to bills and my kids needs. What makes it even worse is that the transmission is slipping now. I’m really going through it. Im just trying to stay on the right track and be able to take my daughter’s places and look nice the legal way. Please help me pimp my ride.

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