UPDATE: Xzibit’s European tour dates

A few new shows have been added to Xzibit’s 2009 tour. Here are the dates that Xzibit will be appearing live:

Xzibit’s 2009 European Tour Schedule (US dater format):
4.29.09 – Bergen Norway
4.30.09 – Warsaw Poland

5.1.09 – Basel Switzerland
5.2.09 – Lausanne Switzerland
5.3.09 – Oldham, UK
5.3.09 – Bradford,Uk
5.4.09 – Newcastle, Uk
5.6.09 – Odense Denmark
5.7.09 – Athens Greece
5.8.09 – Oslo Norway
5.9.09 – Barcelona, Spain
5.11.09 – Sofia, Bulgaria
5.12.09 – Tbilisi, Georgia
5.13.09 – off In Amsterdam
5.14.09 – off in Amsterdam
5.15.09 – Bucharest, Romania
5.16.09 – Madrid, Spain

6.7.09 – National Orange Show, USA

7.11.09 – Prague, Czech Republic
7.12.09 – Denver Coliseum, USA

Go out there and catch one of Xzibit’s live performances if he comes to a city near you!
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Xzibit’s European tour dates

Hey Xzibit Fans,
Xzibit is currently on tour in Europe as we speak!

Catch him on stage in these cities:

04.01.09 Amsterdam, Netherlands
04.02.09 Paris, France
04.03.09 Kerkrade, Netherlands
04.27.09 Helsinki, Finland
04.29.09 Bergen Norway
04.30.09 Warsaw, Poland
05.01.09 Basel, Switzerland
05.02.09 Lausanne, Switzerland
05.06.09 Odense, Denmark
05.07.09 Athens Greece
05.08.09 Oslo, Norway
05.09.09 Budabest, Hungary
05.10.09 Prauge, Czech Republic
05.11.09 Sofia, Bulgaria

My apologies for not sending this out earlier. If you can catch Xzibit live on stage, be sure to do it, you won’t regret it (trust me, i’ve seen him live 6 times, the shows GO OFF!)

Be sure to check out Xzibit’s Twitter and Youtube channel. You’ll see some funny footage (especially in the cafe in Amsterdam!).

Go out there and get your tickets!
Justin – XzibitCentral.com founder

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New Xzibit Blog Post: MR X to tha Z says: I HAVE NO BEEF WITH DIDDY!!!!!

Wow, so I wake up this morning and my phone is going nuts. I turn on the computer and find all this shit about me “throwing puffy under the gay bus” whatever that means. All this SPIN that you journalist are putting on the statements I made on a radio show to DIRECTLY effect a guy in a manor not intended is wrong. I got a call yesterday (which caught me off guard) from Diddy himself stating the club was an after hours spot called “space” I believe. The rumor mill that has ground this bullshit out to be the shit storm that it is, is doing so on its own accord. Like I said at the top, I have no beef with Diddy. BUT WAIT… a bigger problem I see is the negative stance these hip hop sites and blog sites are taking when speaking of gay people in general. All I can say to that is :PEOPLE GROW UP! I do NOT like to spread hate and make it a point not to do so, so this is not the way I intended this interview to unfold. You heard it directly from me ladies and gents, Im looking forward to the issues at hand that really mean something to both my fans and Diddys as well: ART & MUSIC.



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New Xzibit Blog Post: THE FIRST 100 DAYS……..

WE HAVE A NEW PRESIDENT!!!!!! Ladies and gentlemen, I must say I never thought I would see what I witnessed yesterday. I was always told “It would be a cold day in hell before we see a Black President.” Well Im proud to announce that it was 28 degrees in hell yesterday. There is a huge amount of accomplishment that went into yesterday, reaching back to MLK and the entire civil rights movement. I sat on the couch all day switching channels to see all the coverage, of course FOX news talked shit the whole way. President Obama showed concern for Ted Kennedy at such delicate time and truly showed what class is supposed to be like. (thats right I said “class” fuck the term “swag” I hate that shit.) The american people seemed to be pleased all in all but at the same time I pray that they are REALISTIC as well. President Obama has a HUGE task in front of him, (havin him out doing the running man till 4am aint gonna help either) he is actually at work as we speak. It’s gonna take time to clean up the mess we have been going thru for the last 8 years and THEN get to the agenda of his cabinet. You know “us” tho. We want immediate gratification and quick results, but we have to be better than that now. We have to be accountable and set some examples for the kids who are growing up during these exciting times. Be involved when and where you can, I think so many people did not feel patriotic because of the long standing disconnect between government and “real people” or the “streets”. now its not like that. If any thing people will start being more attentive to the political process, which will in turn fuel people wanting to show up. I am all for it. My hope is with the new president but my faith is with the man up stairs. Just wanted to share my thoughts on yesterdays events. Let me now how you felt about yesterday in the comments, would love to see what your take on it was……Oh please leave all “nigger” and “I hate nigger” rhetoric else where, I want objective discussion. XZIBIT

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