IGN Interview: Xzibit

The Gridiron Gang co-star talks about rapping with The Rock and seeking success without pimping his career.

September 15, 2006 – Rappers often get a bad rap (no pun intended) when it comes to acting. For the most part, these are guys who have established themselves as tough guys and gangsters, so when time comes to reveal sensitivity, warmth or humor, they’re generally raked over the coals by critics and dismissed by fans who don’t want to see their favorite stars act fragile.

Xzibit has been defying expectations for more than a decade now. After establishing a prodigious music career in the late 1990s, the rapper (real name: Alvin Joiner) slowly moved into acting, focusing on comedy and drama roles that would challenge his talent but not transform him into something he’s not. Subsequently, he became the host of MTV’s hugely successful show Pimp My Ride, which introduced him as the unexpected benefactor who transforms teens’ jalopies into jet-setting supercars. His latest role is the assistant coach to The Rock in Gridiron Gang, which retells the true-life story of a youth detention counselor who inspires his charges by establishing a football program.

IGN recently spoke to Xzibit at the press day for Gridiron Gang, where he talked about his own upbringing, and about seeking success as an actor one role at a time.

Read the interview at IGN Interview: Xzibit

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