Xzibit Reminded Of Troubled Past In New Movie

Shooting GRIDIRON GANG in a juvenile delinquents facility made rapper XZIBIT realise how close he came to a life of crime and an early death.

The PIMP MY RIDE star plays an American football coach in the new THE ROCK film and spent weeks thanking his lucky stars that he turned his back on the life many of the delinquents he came into contact with on location had chosen.

He explains, “I was doing dumb s**t, getting caught at state fairs with guns; ridiculous stuff because I didn’t have anything to focus on. “I was angry; my mother had passed when I was nine, my dad got remarried and we moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, which was a culture shock and difficult for me to adjust. “I was acting out and I did end up in these facilities. It was a conscious decision because my father was a Marine and he was going nuts: ‘What’s wrong with you boy?’ “When I left I was 17 and came to California and I started to realise, ‘You know what, I’m smarter than this.’ I realised if I continue going down the path I’m going on I’m gonna end up dead. “It’s easy to fall in line with everyone else but hard to step out on your own.”

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