Notable West Coast Hip Hop Artist Xzibit Speaks Out

Notable west coast hip hop artist Xzibit who is not only famous for his rap but also his position on MTV’s Pimp My Ride, has spoken out to defend his craft and chosen profession.

The hip hop artist says “Rap is a reflection of society. If society wasn’t violent, then hip hop wouldn’t be violent.”

The west coast hip hop rapper is known for his keen street knowledge and his ‘realness’ among the hip hop culture. Xzibit added “You can blame hip hop but we’re like reporters; we tell you what’s going on in the neighborhood and we tell you how it is. I don’t think hip-hop should glorify the violence. I think with hip hop music you have to have some kind of balance. When you take someone’s life you’re gonna end up losing yours.”

Xzibit is tired of all the media hip hop pundits taking shots at hip hop over some of the violent lyrics and some of the imagery in hip hop and rap videos.

Xzibit also stated “But we can’t be like Arnold Schwarzenegger; he can kill 70 million people on the screen and still he’s a role model. But when you talk about slapping somebody, or shooting somebody on a rap tape, you are a criminal.”

The west coast rapper Xzibit seems to have ‘hit the nail on the head’, so to speak, and it is good to see that there are some in the hip hop culture who are willing to speak out against the view that mainstream media puts on hip hop.

It’s funny that so many don’t like hip hop culture but they will use us to sell everything from hamburgers to cell phones.

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