Pimp My Ride Casting Call! Sign Up To Get Your Ride Pimped!

MTV are currently casting the upcoming season for Pimp My Ride. If you want to be a part of the new series, go to our Pimp My Ride page to find out what it takes to get on Pimp My Ride!

If you want to get on Pimp My Ride, the only way it is going to happen is if you read the guidelines on the Pimp My Ride page and contact MTV directly.

Good Luck to all those who fit the criteria!

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  1. Hi,am collins from Kenya i have a townace 2015 model i would appreciate and thank you alot if i can have it pimped

  2. Hi pimp my ride my name is Maki from South Africa im driving a corsa lite that needs to.be pimped I will be extreamly happy if u guys could come to SA to pimp my car

  3. My. Name. Is. Tate I have a 87 Chevy caprice classic box style I have not been to revive this piece of junk however I am confident I can receive help through the Pump my ride show.

  4. I am married to a 25 year service firefighter/urban search and rescue. He has many experiences with assisting with tragic events. His boots were on the ground for 9/11 within 24 hours of the event, hurricane Katrina, mud slides in CO, Puerto Rico, Jefferson City MO in 2019 within 30 minutes of the touch down of the tornado.

    My husband still has his 1969 Camero that he has had since the age of 15 years old, his plan is to rehab it but of course he is in charge of training all the members of MO-TF1 for both the live find and human remains. Obviously, there is always many more items that become higher priority. He has been debating on selling this car and I feel he will regret this forever. I would like to submit his name to be assisted with this task since he has used many hours of his family or free time for the good of the american people.

    My husband has met presidents during his career and I feel that if someone did something in appreciation of all the families he has helped throughout his 25 year career.

  5. I would like to pimp my SUV and even room for my dogs dog proof and also heavy subwoofer and etc and also fix my timing belt with a new engine and etc I Wana new speakers and etc and make sure are pitbulls don’t ruin the vechike and everything else

  6. I been watching this show for years and have enjoyed it In October 14 2014 I lost my father he left me his 2003 Ford f150 that he had been proudly been working on him and my late Uncle that passed also shortly after him but they didn’t get to finish it due to both of there sudden death I been struggling myself financially trying to get through tuff times so I don’t have funds to finish it and in July of 2019 I was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer so everything has been a rollercoaster for me and my family it would be a blessing and a great experience to have y’all’s help to fix and pimp out my late father’s truck.

  7. hello my name is randa am a mother of 5 children am from jordan and one of my lovly children he has nissan bathfinder 1992 he love this car more than his life he but unfortinatly that car alwys get damge in parts alwys he fix one part other get damge he dream to get his car the car that all can talk about it he dream for that day to come and the problem its realy cost alot of money and i cant help on that becouse like i say i allready have five chilldren to take car on them and my child that have that car he was sick before with an cunser 🙁 and he realy sufer in his life alot i realy wish he make his dream come true in real life and also his birthday in 24/2/ it will be awsome to have a butiful and wanderful seprise spicaly in his birthday we live in U.A.E and the car here also but i can send the car any country just to see the smile come to my child that he realy deserf it and thx for this butiful program that it realy help alot of peoples that we see smily come to there life.

  8. Hi I’m Sibusiso from South Africa would like u to pimp my ride

  9. My name is Zuri!!
    My husband has a 2002 Toyota Sequoia and has had it for a long long time !! When he first bought it was in good condition as the years have gone buy and 6 kids it has gotten wear and tear we currently can’t afford to buy another car nor fix it! My husband is the soul our our home in the only provider i am a stay at hime mom!! He uses the car for work every day and its also our family car sense we are a family of 8 !!! He and I and the kids always watch the show even if they r reruns we love it! We always joke about it would be so so cool if his truck was pimped out it would be the best gift he could ever get because he loves that car it was the very first car he has bought for our family sense we got married!! The seat are all messed up the stereo is super old it has no Bluetooth the paint is a little dull the truck don’t open and you can’t charge anything in there!! It currently has about 200 miles in it but it runs great!! It does have a shock or a balancing issue where we can’t get a alignment on it so its really not safe to be on long trips with all the kids in it!! When we go out to visit his parents or we take the kids to the park we stay off the the highway to be safe !! The drivers seat belt is giving out some times you have to try more than once to buckle up!! The key ignition also has a problem sometimes it wont start the car up you have wiggle it in softly to get it to start and it could take a couple try’s i was once out with his car in the weekend I ran to the store to get some big items like diapers and a new vacuum and paper towels it had started to snow and i was in the parking lot for about 40 minutes and I couldn’t started at last the last time right before i called him i got it start and then i waited for it to get warm in the car ! Then I started to clean the snow off the car so it was about another 30 minutes till i got home! Then i get home he asks me why did it take u so long to go to the store tobget a couple of stuff and i told him well i got atuck trying to start the car and I couldn’t get it to start then i had to clean off the snow!! He looks at me trying to hold back his laugh and he says honey I know I figured it out when i saw your location on my phone and saw you where in the parking lot and i wonder why you never called me i could of gone to pick u up in your car but I couldn’t find your keys and I remembered i saw you putting your keys in your purse so I didn’t call you because I would of stressed you out more and I know how you could do it !! I was almost so sad and mad at the same time that I started laughing with him too!! He said one day Xzibit will come and get my car and Pimp it out then he says or one day I will win the lottery and buy a brand new Toyota Sequoia !! I love my husband so much he is such a wonderful father and a great great man !! He is the type if someone calls him and says they have no money for lunch or for the week he would rather have $10 for 2 weeks till next pay day to help you out!! And he does it a-lot to coworkers to my sister my parents his parents! He is just so so giving and never ever expects nothing in return or what gives back in return!! He actually just started a new job its going well till I had surgery on my hip and had gone above and beyond to make sure I was ok and his kids! He asked for parents to come help out around the house asked our neighbors for help getting our kids to school and home!! Then he went out of his way and beyond his wallet to get them some gift cards as a token of appreciation he was gonna get part of his truck fix for the alignment problem but not put it off for a couple more months but I honestly think it wont hold much longer !! When you go on a speed bump it sounds like its falling apart!! Well sorry for the long long letter but i just wanted you to know the type of man Joel Romero is!! And how his car/ the family car is getting worst and worst!! We live in Reno NV !!You are also a great great man for all the good things you do for people and their beat up cars!!! I love your show so much i wish it would be on at least 3 times a week for 2 hours long!! Its a great amazing and cool show!!! Please please if you still do restoration on cars pick my husband car !!

  10. Wara wara family I have a Toyota Cressida in front of my apt Im disable and where I live is not Puertoricans or anybody who that I can call to help me the car needs a new engine please I been praying and asking for finances so that way I be able to fix my Cressida YAHWAH Bless you all family Shalom.

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