Pimp My Ride Casting Call! Sign Up To Get Your Ride Pimped!

MTV are currently casting the upcoming season for Pimp My Ride. If you want to be a part of the new series, go to our Pimp My Ride page to find out what it takes to get on Pimp My Ride!

If you want to get on Pimp My Ride, the only way it is going to happen is if you read the guidelines on the Pimp My Ride page and contact MTV directly.

Good Luck to all those who fit the criteria!

Source: XzibitCentral.com Exclusive!


  1. Hi this is carlos I’m 55 years of age ,I have a 1986 Buick regal 3.8 turbo I love the car it’s like the 1 they used in the fast injury I realy dont know how this works,but I would love to get my Buick pimped the car has 96 thousand miles it’s in pretty good shape so I will be shocked if my car got picked for the pimpin well all I could say is hope for luck!!

  2. You can come to Greece loutraki to fix my citroen saxo i want it with lamporgini doors

  3. 1QaSAlML

  4. I have a citroen saxo for fix you can fix it come to loutraki Greece


  6. Hello pimp my ride and Mr Xzibit. I love watching the transformation of all the lowrider cars and the amazing look on the owners faces.
    My name is Juanita and I own a 1977 Cadillac coupe deville. My brother Victor owned a 1980 Cadillac Coupe deville in 1993 and thought me how to drive in it. I would love for Pimp my Ride to help me in the project of this beautiful amazing car, it need lots a work and I don’t have the money for it at this time. I love to be in your show and watch my own face be amazed with the transformation. Pimp my Ride and Mr Xzibit I would love to dedicate this car to my brother Victor. God bless you and thank you so much.

  7. My husband hads a car that could TLC he is a hard working man he is a GD step dad pls help him

  8. WUTUp! X!!!
    And watching your show since the first season!
    My name is Tj and was wondering if I could possibly be a contested oN
    I have a 93 GMC Sierra 4×4 Truck! that
    Has Masss potential!!# .. but. ..#x% X.
    Just need sum’help.
    I inherited this from my Dad.
    He passed in 2015. And its up to me
    To have it up to His^ Specs.+
    And it is my mission to Honorly Do so.
    funds are a bit tight. Dunno if your show is even on any more?..lol. but.thought is try. Always admired ya X. & your Work.
    Hope your Doing G00D Bro.
    Sincerely Tj

  9. My name is Jay my father is a veteran who served in the United States marine cool he recently bought a Range Rover and he gave me that Range Rover the old Range Rover for me to drive to school in May 24th his new range robo on my graduation day with total now all we have is the all Range Rover and is falling apart and helis to get medication at the BA and I wanna give him back the car but I can’t give him the call and the way it is you think you guys to help my dad out Is it 2006 Range Rover

  10. Hi I’m from South Africa kzn Natal Durban merebank I have a 2006 Citi golf it white in colour does have rust & some mechanical problems I with like it to sprayed BMW mark 2 colour metallic blue please xzibit please pimp my ride

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