I read what happend in ” The D” (DETROIT< for those not in the know) to this guy 'YUNG BERG'. I just was wondering if he had ever BEEN to detroit BEFORE he said what he said. I moved to california when I was 17 by myself, before that I used to live in Albuquerque NM, but before that...I was born in Detroit. I was 9 and figured out that you could be killed very quickly in Detroit. There was lots of "hood justice" on my block. People rarely called the police. So then I got to thinking who is "YUNG BERG"? I am not trying to diss the kid any more than he has done to himself, but I havent heard his music. I have only heard this story about him not liking "dark butts" ( whatever that means) and now this.
Then he spit on one of the real ones from the city, (TRICK TRICK) which really was the icing on the ass whooping in my book. It just got me to thinking. In the days of 2008 we see so many artist taking big ass “L’s” (losses) artist being beatin in public, artist going to jail, from everything to murder and rape, to artist being broke, robbed, strung out or just flat out falling off. and we all just sit around waiting for the bad news to RUSH to us thru the net or the text or just that gossip girl who knows EVERYTHING about NOTHING>THIS IS CONSIDERED BEING A FAN OF THE MUSIC??? Talent is out the window, it seems like people love train wrecks and lots of em. Maybe im getttin old, but that shit is not entertaining to me. Where do you get your fix of hip hop without the “JERRY SPRINGER” feeling attached to it? It feels like HIP HOP is now the new WWE, think about it……everybodys mad, on steroids, threatining to kick each others asses… ALL THE TIME! lots of money, its on tv, fuck him, fuck her, fuck this, fuck that etc. etc. but whos really going hard at the art form? Now dont get me wrong…SOME PEOPLE JUST DESERVE THAT SWIFT KICK IN THE TEETH, to get your point across, Trust me I KNOW. But LORD JAMAL from BRAND NUBIAN was just out here for the x games and he came to my crib to hang out, we talked about music of course and he agreed that the challenges we face in music today stem from all the bullshit ASSOCIATED with being a artist, fitting the “image”. which really sucks. I am guilty of watching TMZ and all that other shit as well, I cant front, my whole family checks it out from time to time. but to me its sad more than anything. Here is the flip side to it, from where I come from people didnt have college to look forward to and a very select few get to go to the NBA or NFL. So what we HAD was music, especially HIP HOP it was one of the only outlets that could be reached with your MIND and your DRIVE. IF we turn allow HIP HOP to be turned into a 3 ring circus, dont be mad when all you have the option to be later on……….is a CLOWN! , BE YOU, STAY FOCUSED.

your friend
Alvin”XZIBIT” Joiner

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