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Today, I had the most eye opening conversaton with my son, and it stuck with me all day.
It was on my mind so much that I wanted to share it with you. My first son is 13, goin on 30 if you ask me!! He’s a bright kid. But he is also easily influenced by his friends. when I say “easily” I mean stupid shit that we as men ALWAYS DO! Guys dont like to feel like they are not part of their pier group, we strive to fit in… WE ALL WANT TO SAY AND DO THE SAME THINGS! If one starts playing a certian x box game….they all have to play it, if lil johnny buys a cell phone….they all need cell phones. But there is a flip side to that as well. As we mature and grow up to adults, some of us never break that pattern of behavior. Leading to people following other people with no ambition of their own (misery loves company) I tell you the truth when I say ” I have had to make UNPOPULAR DECISIONS in order to get to where I am in life.” Unpopular in the sense….that my “friends” always thought I should do what “THEY” thought was best. I dont do that (anymore) I make the decision that is going to effect my family and I in the most positve way possible< You see I live "RIGHT" not in the "RIGHT NOW", meaning that nobody wins the game the same way, we ALL have destiny, but each path is unique. So thats where the conversation started.....I need my son to be a LEADER, so I raise him like one. I told him that the "friends" I had in school are no where around me right now (give or take 1 or 2 people) and that the time I wasted trying to impress them and fit in with them, was time I took away from getting the MOST out of school and the resources that were made available to me at that time. I had to remind him that yes, we are blessed but nothing has ever come easily to me, it takes HARD consistant work, dedication, faith, dignity, and KNOWLEDGE OF SELF. Knowing who you are and whats right FOR YOU, is half of what you need to know to live a well balanced life. trying to be "down" with your folks will get you exactly that.......... you will not only be down, you will eventually find yourself "down and out".Dont get me wrong all "friends" aint bad, in fact you need Wack people around you at some time in your life.......that way when good people come around............ you can tell. If you follow people and dont follow your own voice, you cannot complain when things turn to shit and nobody around you can help. Dont get mad @ them.....shit! they goin thru the same shit you got on your plate..they led you to it! I am a young father trying to raise a boy into a man, and the fine print that we sometimes forget to read in raising our kids, tend to be the most important parts. I talk to my son so that the mistakes I made.....He is aware of, not to stop him from trying dumb shit, HE'S GONNA DO THAT ANYWAY! LOL But to give him somthing to compare it to when his friends tell him to do something he knows I wouldnt approve of. You cant be around your kids every waking moment (school, play, other peoples houses, etc) So you have to instill morals and standards that THEY find the value in upholding. And it dont hurt to lead by example either!!!!!! Well im done ranting, some of the kids reading this are proably like "WTF?????" and some of you guys know exactly where im coming from. (mostly other parents) I do not have all the answers, never said I did. But I do know whats "right" for me...and figuring that out was not a easy thing to do. Talk to your young ones, even if they act like they aint tryin to hear you, THEY DO! REAL TALK>

your friend,

Alvin “XZIBIT” Joiner

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