Xzibit & Ice Cube On XXX Soundtrack

Xzibit & Ice Cube will feature on the soundtrack for “XXX: State of the Union,” which is due out on April 19th on Jive. The set will include Korn and Xzibit’s newly recorded cover of Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” along with a new track from Ice Cube, “Anybody Seen the Po-Po”. “XXX: State of the Union” opens April 29th in the U.S. and stars Ice Cube, Samuel L. Jackson, Willem Defoe and Xzibit. Check the : Official Site.

Xzibit Gets His Career Pimped

LA based rapper Xzibit has steadily maintained his status as one of hip-hop’s more enduring figures but he still gives a lot of the credit to his hit MTV show, “Pimp My Ride” for jumpstarting his career.

“It made me visible,” he said of the show. “I still have the same perspectives and views as far as my music. Now we are just so excited to be exposed like that. I have a good team with me. I’m actually doing something that’s positive on TV.”

The Xzibit also hopes that his new album gets the opportunity to advance his standing in the rap community with the Timbaland-produced “Hey Now (Mean Mugging).”

“It was my first time working with [Timbaland] and it came out crazy. The album was very topical and well rounded and to introduce this album as an attention grabber was good. It was real fun track. The video concept was put together by Benny Boom at the last minute and he put it together,” he said.

Weapons of Mass Destruction, X’s fifth album, hit stores last week and has guest appearances by Busta Rhymes, Nate Dogg and Strong Arm Steady, a group that includes Xzibit.

“It’s centered around my crew Strong Arm Steady Gang,” he admitted. “I feel like its good to come with such a good album at this point of my career so I’m excited about that.”

“[Strong Arm Steady] is the premiere emcees coming out of the West Coast [and] they have everything it takes to be stars. I’ve taken them all around the world with me. And they are seasoned in and out the studio,” he explained.

Weapons of Mass Destruction is out now.

Xzibit, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston? What?

Yes, Xzibit did get a chance to spend some quality time with Jennifer Aniston in foreign lands. Yes, he was trying to leave a lasting impression on her. But nooooooo! He had no part in her breakup up with Brad. “I had nothing to do with it, I like ’em a little thicker,” X said with a big laugh in Los Angeles. X-to-da-Z and Jenny-from-the-apartment were not up to any monkey business; the two were filming the thriller “Derailed” in London.

“It was all work for me,” X said. “Being around seasoned actors was an incredible environment to work in. Mikael Håfström was the director. He’s a really big established director in Sweden. This is his big drama. It’s a twisted plot, it’s dangerous, it has all the makings of a classic.”

Xzibit was cast as a guy named Dexter. “Yeah, Dexter,” X laughed. “I play an important part of the plot twist. Just when you think it is, it ain’t.” If you think the Cali king of pimped-out rides has a character name that doesn’t match his look or demeanor, wait till you get a load of his “Derailed” co-star the RZA.

“My character is Winston,” RZA said recently in New York at the Shaolin Temple. “He’s a mailroom clerk, but he’s an ex-con also. Nobody knows he’s an ex-con. I’ve been a messenger in Manhattan before, so I kinda reflected on that messenger mentality to play the role. One thing I did with the character that I think was unique was every time I came onscreen, I would whistle. When the movie is over, I want the people to go away and remember that whistle. I think he was put over as a funny guy in a way, but he had a serious past. That’s not how they wrote it, but that’s how I did it.

“I’m not a great actor yet,” he added. “I took some classes to respect the art. In the movie ‘Derailed,’ you’ll see me trying to show my first character. I’ve been in a few movies before as myself, but you’ll see me as a character. We’ll see how that goes across.”

While Xzibit has some jokes about his dealings with Jennifer Aniston, RZA has some real talk about another star of “Derailed,” Clive Owen.

“Clive really helped me a lot,” RZA said. “He made me feel really comfortable on the set. He paced very well with me when I was delivering the lines. He took time to hang out with me and put me on the right path. I think Clive is about to crack it open with this movie.”

Xzibit and RZA are keeping their feet planted in Hollywood. On April 29, X will appear in “XXX: State of the Union” with Ice Cube, as a weapons specialist (“I get to shoot a hole in the side of the Capitol building with a tank, it’s crazy,” he said with a smile). And RZA is trying to direct his first movie later this year.

“I hope that’s all right for everybody,” RZA said about directing. “I been studying movies for seven years. The [movie is called] ‘The Man With the Iron Fist,’ and I wrote it myself. I’m a kung-fu head. The kung-fu genre hasn’t been explored since the ’70s and ’80s. I think it’ll be nice now that here in America we’re not babies at it anymore. There’s students at our Shaolin Temple that’s as good as some of the students from Asia. Now that America has embraced it and absorbed it, we can produce those kinda things over here.”

Xzibit’s "Rhyme Night" hits Long Beach!

Xzibit’s Open Bar Entertainment and Contrabandit.com bring hip-hop talent showcase Rhyme Night to Long Beach on April 29th.

Rhyme Night returns with special guests Planet Asia, Ras Kass and Strong Arm Steady, with headlining performance by Xzibit.

Long Beach, CA – After much anticipation, multi-platinum rapper Xzibit and Contrabandit.com return with the nation’s premiere hip-hop talent showcase, Rhyme Night. Hosted by Power 106FM’s Felli Fell, Rhyme Night will be held at The Vault 350 in Long Beach on April 29th. The Vault 350 is located at 350 Pine Avenue in Long Beach, CA. In addition, Los Angeles’ number one radio station, Power 106, will be broadcasting live from the venue throughout the course of the evening.

Featuring a live performance by critically acclaimed underground superstar Planet Asia, Rhyme Night will also showcase a special performance by newly freed, super-lyricist Ras Kass. For years, Fresno, CA native Planet Asia has been representing California’s often ignored, yet vibrant underground scene and is currently working on his upcoming release, The Medicine. After a brief incarceration, Carson, CA native Ras Kass’ triumphant return already has hip hop heads buzzing with his numerous recent mixtape appearances. Ras Kass graces the Rhyme Night stage while readying his upcoming new street releases, Institutionalized Volume I and II.

The evening’s headliner will be none other than Rhyme Night co-founder Xzibit, whose performance will include hits from his critically acclaimed recent release, Weapons of Mass Destruction. Xzibit’s headlining performance will also feature his group, Strong Arm Steady (Krodon, Phil the Agony, and San Diego’s Mitchy Slick). Strong Arm Steady is currently in the studio preparing their debut album, Arms and Hammers, slated for summer 2005 release.

“Rhyme Night continues to provide a platform for the West Coast’s best and brightest MCs,” says Xzibit, also host of the wildly popular MTV series Pimp My Ride and star of the blockbuster XXX: State of the Union, which opens nationwide on Friday, April 29th. “This time we are thrilled to bring Rhyme Night to Long Beach, a city with its own unique hip-hop history.”

“Power 106 has made its commitment to West Coast hip-hop clear by broadcasting live from Rhyme Night,” says Ryan Ford, who was recently named West Coast Editor of The Source magazine and is co-founder of both Rhyme Night and Contrabandit.com. “Rhyme Night continues to offer West Coast MCs a chance to shine.”

Tickets for Rhyme Night are available now! For further ticket information, please visit www.vault350.com or The Vault 350 box office which is open weekdays 10am-4pm and weekends 10am-6pm.