Xzibit Interview: Xzibit – The Hunger For More @ HiphopDX

Few artists as lyrically capable as Xzibit have made it to household status. Although Pimp My Ride, acting and Sprite endorsements may have led to Alvin Joiner becoming a celebrity to older generations and non-Hip Hop listeners, Mr. X-to-the-Z’s formula for rhymes, not cars is “putting paint where there ain’t.”

A relatively quiet first half of 2009 has found Xzibit touring throughout Europe. The California-based emcee credits Germany with giving him first plaque 13 years ago, and the Likwit Crew standout used the opportunity, touring with Tash and brethren, to remind everybody – including perhaps himself, that he’s still emersed in the culture that built him.

In a brief but powerful discussion with HipHopDX, Xzibit explains why he’s plotting a return to the Rap of his roots. After the longest delay in his career between albums, read how reaching the fans has touched the rapper’s heart and his hunger for more.

Read the full interview at HiphopDX.com

Source: XzibitCentral.com Exclusive!

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